We value collaboration and recognize that sometimes it takes a whole community.

Explore the following resources for additional support or to learn more about problem and responsible gambling. To request brochures and other materials, or to have a resource added to this page, please contact us.

Choices & Chances is web resource for gambling information. Developed in partnership with the Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research at the University of Victoria, Choices and Chances is a program resource that allows anyone to explore, discover and reflect on their relationship to gambling, in a safe and non-judgemental way.

iMinds Gambling Literacy Curriculum

iMinds is a collection of resources for schools related to substance use and gambling. The lesson ideas fit within the scope of BC’s K-12 curriculum, emphasizing core and curricular competencies. The collection of lesson ideas include specific competencies for gambling literacy that help teachers see multiple possibilities and opportunities to address health and well-being.


The BC Lottery Corporation’s platform, GameSense, provides valuable information about gambling so you can make informed decisions.

BCLC's GameBreak Program enables you to voluntarily exclude yourself from all facilities with slot machines, commercial bingo halls, or from accessing BCLC’s online gambling site,, for a predetermined amount of time.  If you exclude from a gambling facility, you will automatically be excluded from for the same period of time.

Fold 'em Podcast

Fold 'em is podcast hosted by our counsellors through the Problem Gambling Help website. Fold 'em offers straight talk about dealing with the fall-out from gambling. Whether you are looking at stopping or scaling back your own gambling or helping a family member with a problem, this podcast will help you in taking back control. Hear from gamblers who have been through it and get tips from counsellors. There is a way out from the hold gambling has on your life. Fold 'em can help get you there.