Employment Opportunities

We are always looking for knowledgeable, gambling neutral contractors to join the Gambling Support BC team.

Current Opportunities on BC Bid

For full contract requirements and application instructions, visit bcbid.gov.bc.ca and respond to the applicable RFQ number.

Contractor positions include:

Gambling Support BC 

Request for Qualifications No.: RFQ CP-01-23


Gambling Support BC (GSBC) is seeking qualified counsellors to provide funded gambling counselling to BC residents to reduce gambling harms.  GSBC provides ongoing training and case management support to counsellors to ensure each client has the best treatment outcomes.   

If you are interested in working with a high-performance, outcome driven and collaborative team to provide excellent treatment outcomes, please submit an application. If your application is successful, you will be place on a qualified supplier list and may be contacted as contract opportunities become available. 

If you have any questions about this opportunity, please email gambling.support@gov.bc.ca


Application Process:

Applying to be a contractor with the BC Government is a bit different from your typical job application. The steps below will guide you through the process.

1.📘 Read the position overview

2.🎥Watch our video – this video aims to help you understand the position better!


Ready to Apply?

The next step is the application, here’s how it works:

3. 📘 Read the Request for Qualifications Document (Aka: “MULFRQ”): This document will outline the details of applying to be on a “Qualified Supplier List” for the Gaming Policy & Enforcement Branch. This MULRFQ is neither an offer nor an agreement to purchase any Services from any Supplier. *Pages 14-18 outline the responsibilities of this role. Pages 12-13 outline the requirements for submitting your application via email. 

4. 📝 Fill out the Appendix A Application Document: This is where you can share your clinical experience.

5. 📝 Fill out the Appendix C Declaration Document: This is where you agree to the terms and conditions and sign the declaration. 

(Note: Appendix B is not required for this application). 


Ready to Send Your Application?

Great! Make sure to include all the attachments listed below: 

6.  📩 Send your application via email to: gambling.support@gov.bc.ca (Attn: Operations Manager) - or submit it via BCBid

Subject Line: FIRST NAME LAST NAME: Submission for RFQ CP-01-23 GSBC Clinical Counsellor Contract. Opportunity ID 10405

Attachments: (Make sure to include your first and last name in the file name for each attachment)

  • Appendix A
  • Appendix C
  • Resume (maximum three pages containing information on your education, experience and three professional references).
  • Proof of membership in a professional association. 
  • Supporting Documents for Masters Degree in Counselling, or Registered Psychologist or Registered Clinical Social Worker 


Watch this short video to learn more about this role:


Gambling Support BC 

Request for Qualifications No.: RFQ GOS-01-24

GSBC outreach services include, but not limited to, the following type of services:

  • Directly engaging clients/participants who may be seeking gambling support via phone, text messaging, web chat, video conferencing, or in person.
  • Completing an assessment of each client/participant and harm reduction plan for all clients seeking support.
  • Referring clients to appropriate harm reduction, community support or treatment services as appropriate.
  • Creating links and partnerships with other local service providers/educational organizations/stakeholders to ensure positive outcomes for participants and the public.

Gambling Support BC 

Request for Qualifications No.: RFQ IPE-01-25

Prevention and engagement services include, but not limited, to the following type of services:

  • Provide gambling related prevention, awareness, and community engagement services in the province.
  • Encourage community partnering and community engagement for the purpose of mitigating gambling/gaming harm and raising awareness of gambling/gaming issues, support services and programs.
  • Deliver gambling/gaming prevention, information and program educational materials though presentations as needed, including targeted populations as determined by the program.
  • Consultation and engagement with teachers and other stakeholders within the teaching fields (i.e., administrators, counsellors, parents) for the purpose of orienting these stakeholders to program supported gambling curriculum and raising awareness of gambling/gaming issues, support services and programs.
  • Disseminate gambling/gaming information resources such as posters, pamphlets, rack cards, letters etc.,
  • Engage community members in discussion around responsible and problem gambling issues at booths and other events relevant to the subject field.
  • Building community capacity in indigenous communities by supporting them to learn and pass on information around Traditional Indigenous games and gambling related psyco-education.

Watch this short video to learn more about this role:


Opportunities on our Qualified Supplier Lists

If you are interested in applying to a Qualified Supplier List, we invite you to complete and submit an RFQ Response at your earliest convenience.

Individuals who apply and are successfully screened and accepted to the Qualified Suppliers List(s) may be considered for future vacancies.

Qualified Suppliers may be contracted on an "as, if and when requested" basis and may be contracted directly or asked to compete on opportunities for the provision of services in accordance with the selection method set out in the RFQ or as revised by the Province and communicated to all Qualified Suppliers from time to time.

Responses may be submitted by following the instructions contained in the RFQ document.

Thank you for your interest in opportunities with Gambling Support BC. We look forward to hearing from you.