Indigenous Services

In addition to our other services, we provide Indigenous specific services to individuals, indigenous communities, and indigenous service organizations.  Gambling Supports BC recognizes that services need to be client centered, Nation based and community driven.  GSBC’s contracted providers will collaborate with the individual or community to provide services that imbed traditional and cultural values to a wellness and strengths-based approach to service delivery.  Services can be tailored in a way to build capacity within each community request specific to their unique needs.

To meet the above values the Indigenous stream has expended to include a Therapeutic Counsellor Role.  The purpose of this role is the have a more wholistic approach to counselling that welcomes the individual or group to include traditional teachings, elders, wellness and community specific healing practices.

Within our Indigenous Services there are two specific trainings that are available. 

Traditional Indigenous Games – the purpose of this workshop is the support the value and wellness around traditional indigenous games.  Explore the historical context around how the games were utilized in communities for fun, negotiation, and traditional teachings. Engaging in the games helps to reduce the stigma surrounding gambling.  This is a land-based workshop and could be used for supporting children and youth or even team building practices within communities. 

Tech Talks – this workshop was developed as a train the trainer to build capacity in communities to support digital health for communities primarily targeting children, youth and young adults. Included in the training are topics such as: what we use technology for (including gaming, gambling, social media, more), benefits and risks of technology, striving for balance (including tools) and how to build a family plan.