About Us

Our mandate is to develop and offer innovative health promotion, prevention strategies and support services to assist B.C. residents make the best decisions regarding gambling.

The Gambling Support BC is administered by the Community Supports Division within the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch of the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General.

The program takes a gambling neutral position, recognizing that gambling is an individual choice and is best made with full knowledge of the facts, myths and risks associated with gambling products.

The program employs three specific service streams, including: prevention and community engagement services; gambling support services centered on individual, group, day-treatment and community outreach supports; and a dedicated Indigenous service stream that acknowledges the historical impacts of colonization that magnifies addictions, such as gambling, on individuals, families and communities.

The program acknowledges the cultural mosaic of B.C. and offers services in multiple languages. We do so in a culturally safe and appropriate manner, offering distinct services for populations known through research to be at a higher risk for gambling issues.

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