Free, safe, accessible support and treatment services are available to all B.C. Residents.

Information about the specific services provided by Gambling Support BC can be found below.

To access any of these services:



Outreach Services

Outreach support is available anonymously and our goal is to help you reduce harm from gambling.  We can help you explore self-help tools, community resources, and our program resources that can help you on your wellness path. If you aren’t sure what you might need, you can book a call with one of our gambling outreach support workers who can listen and help you figure out your next steps. 

Gambling Counseling

We offer free, confidential counseling services to help you manage the harms from gambling, whether it is your own gambling or a family member’s gambling. Anyone living in BC can access these services regardless of age, language, location, or gambling history. We provide both one-on-one counseling and group sessions.

Indigenous Services

Gambling Support BC offers specialized services for Indigenous individuals and communities, focusing on client-centered, Nation-based, and community-driven approaches. These services incorporate traditional and cultural values, fostering wellness and strengths-based support tailored to each community's unique needs. The Indigenous stream provides therapeutic counseling to indigenous individuals, and currently offers two types of trainings: 1) Traditional Indigenous Games workshops which promote wellness and reduce stigma surrounding gambling, and 2) Tech Talks which builds community capacity for digital health, especially targeting children, youth, and young adults. 

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